Discover Gregory Mill Park in Smyrna, TN

Nestled in the charming town of Smyrna, Tennessee, Gregory Mill Park offers a serene retreat for nature lovers and families alike. This community gem, spanning several acres, provides a perfect blend of recreational activities and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for locals and visitors. Learn more here

Scenic Beauty and Natural Features

Gregory Mill Park is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, featuring lush greenery, a tranquil pond, and the soothing sound of Gregory Mill’s historic waterfall. The park’s natural setting provides an ideal backdrop for relaxation and outdoor activities. Visitors often enjoy leisurely strolls along the well-maintained walking trails, which wind through the park and offer scenic views of the surrounding flora and fauna. Learn more about Exploring the Sam Davis Home in Smyrna, TN.

Family-Friendly Amenities

Designed with families in mind, Gregory Mill Park boasts an array of amenities to cater to all age groups. The playground is a favorite among children, equipped with modern and safe play structures. Picnic areas, complete with tables and grills, invite families to enjoy a meal together in the great outdoors. Additionally, the park offers a splash pad, providing a refreshing way for kids to cool off during the warmer months.

Recreational Opportunities

For those seeking a bit of adventure, Gregory Mill Park does not disappoint. The park’s pond is stocked with fish, making it a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. Moreover, the open fields are perfect for a game of frisbee, soccer, or simply basking in the sun. Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the walking trails for jogging or brisk walks.

Community Events

Gregory Mill Park also serves as a hub for community events throughout the year. From outdoor concerts to seasonal festivals, the park brings the Smyrna community together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and local pride. These events not only provide entertainment but also strengthen the bond among residents.


Whether you’re looking to unwind amidst nature, engage in recreational activities, or participate in community events, Gregory Mill Park in Smyrna, TN, offers something for everyone. Its blend of natural beauty, family-friendly amenities, and recreational opportunities make it a treasured destination for all who visit.